If there is any question as to wether or not healthy sleep, (or the lack there of) is an important health topic please note that it has appeared in both the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic this month alone!

The topics range from the science of sleep to the trending practice of parents engaging sleep consultants, such as myself, in the process of setting up healthy sleep habits for their children from early on.

I find it fascinating that when we visit our doctors, whether they be our personal physician, our OBGYN or our child's pediatrician, we are rarely asked about our sleep practices or quality.  We are asked about exercise and diet but not sleep...not usually unless we bring it up.   Given the fact that we spend a whopping 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and during that sleep our body is completing amazing functions, like emotional regulation and physical repair, it isn't a topic that comes up unless there is a fairly severe issue!...

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(My piece originally published on Mom.me)

As a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, one of the questions I get asked the most from people is “How do your kids sleep?” I often tell them that you would be surprised at how little of my own advice I follow or how unready for change I am for long periods of time. 

Making a change is hard work for anyone—expert or not. It's difficult enough for us to make change within ourselves but the prospect of asking your baby or child to make changes and being the support system for that change can be totally paralyzing! 

Most sleep professionals will tell you that no change is better than inconsistent attempts at change. Inconsistency creates power struggles and sets everyone up for far more work with each attempt. This is why even professional sleep consultants are guilty of continuing poor sleep habits with our own children that we denounce to our clients daily!

I recently polled a group of my professional sleep consultant peers to get the...

Hey everyone, I am so excited to be a contributing writer for Mom.me  

Please check out my most recent piece on the risk of sharing professional sleep advice.

The Risk of Sharing Professional Sleep Advice Mom.me

Ah, the video monitor, the amazing invention that has allowed us to go from simply hearing our children cry through a static filled speaker to watching them sleep.  Except we mostly watch them be awake, roll around babble and whine and cry.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to catch them with their little diapered tushies in the air, sleeping soundly like little angelic bundles and for that the video monitor has become the chosen monitor for parents worldwide.  Don’t get me wrong; I am a fan of the video monitor.  I have one and I think it is great, especially when you have toddler aged children that start to climb out of cribs or resist nap time.  I especially like monitors with the talk back feature.  How I enjoyed watching my little one try to climb out of his crib or bed just to hear his mother’s distorted voice bellowing down from the ceiling “NO. Lay Down.”  I’m a little twisted so I particularly enjoyed the look on his face, one of amazement and just a tiny little bit of trepida...

"The cobbler's children wear no shoes."  Yes, even sleep consultants have children with sleep challenges. Yes, even sleep consultants are exhausted moms that love their coffee...till cocktails.  A little reality for you today.

Dear Half Consumed Cup of Coffee, 

I wanted to drink you.  I had every intention of drinking you fresh from the pot, piping hot and rich and full of coffee and caffeine happiness.  I tried.  I sat down; I took a sip.  I took another and then yet another.  You were good Coffee and you deserved to be sipped and treasured until the very last drop.  Alas, my children had other ideas for you.  Every morning my cherished moments of coffee sipping are interrupted by their alternative plans and incessant needs.  I can’t blame them too much, my darling Coffee, as they are children and not allowed to partake in the robust and scalding hot pleasure that you bring and thus, they are ignorant to your bliss.  It is a tortured struggle with my endless pleading...

We live in a culture where there is too much information available and not enough support.  So when we, as parents, are beyond our depths or feeling overwhelmed and we don’t have a village to turn to, all too often we end up turning to the abundance of information to seek the support we so badly need.  Think about the last time you found yourself in a parenting predicament or completely overwhelmed, you didn’t know what approach to take or whether to take an approach at all but you needed a solution.  What did you do?  It is not very likely that you knocked on your neighbor’s door, she invited you in for coffee and you sat and discussed the situation while the children played happily in the yard.  Equally unlikely is the scenario in which you threw the kids into the car and drove 5 minutes to your mom or your sister’s house and dropped the kids off so you could collect your thoughts.  There is a high probability they live in another city, possibly another state.  More commonly they wor...

“But MOOOOOM, I just need YOU.  I don’t need a light, I don’t need a stuffed animal, or you in the next room….Mom, I just need you!” – My son, 5 years old, 8:30pm after an hour of call outs and bed time shenanigans.  The worst part was that he’d told me earlier but I didn’t listen.


4:30pm – We get back from school and afternoon play and it is “GO” time.  Turn the show on for the kids, unpack the bags, get dinner started, change the laundry or the kids won't have clothes for school tomorrow.  A request for cuddles from the 5 year old, “One minute honey, let me just take out the trash.”  Go, go, go.  Check the emails, call the doctor before they close, change the sheets on the 3 year old’s bed because he peed through his pull up last night. 

5:30pm – Come eat dinner!  I’m not eating with them because honestly I need all of my focus to get them to eat their dinner and frankly I really look forward to eating dinner without small children.  It’s something I...

I recently provided a pamphlet of information to my son's Kindergarten class after his teacher remarked about how many of the children were going to bed at 9pm or later. Given the start time at our school, this is a bit too late for most 5-6 year old children. Many of these kids are getting an hour (or more) less sleep than the lowest average recommendation for 6-13 year old children (9-11 hours on average)...and don't think the teacher doesn't see the result.

Over tired children tend to struggle with attention, behavior and socialization in school. Many parent's can support their children in getting more sleep by recognizing when their children have crossed from an optimal sleep window into the dreaded "over tired" phase. A phase frequently mistaken for "not ready for bed" because the child has been flooded with cortisol and is now running laps around the house. This routinely leads to what sleep consultants refer to as "the cycle of over tire...

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